Murder on Safari

Bella Media Management

A novel

by Hannah Stevens

Jeanie Williams, foreign correspondent for World NewsCorp, asks her boss for an assignment after being furloughed for a year and gets an unexpected adventure when she is sent to Tsavo National Park East, Kenya, Africa to report on the killing of wild elephants for their ivory. Initially hesitant to take the assignment, when she gets to Africa and sees the beauty of the land and the animals, especially the elephants, she is hooked. She joins a team of Kenya Wildlife Service rangers in the hunt for the poachers who are killing these beautiful animals and finds out that being in the bush is nearly as dangerous as being in a war zone. This is a story of romance and adventure in a beautiful land. It is also the story of the murder of extraordinarily intelligent animals that form lasting family relationships, and if not protected could be lost forever.

Title: Murder on safari available on and Nook.
Author: Hannah Stevens
ISBN: 0-9759303-2-x
Price: 12.95/ Paper
Publication Date: October 2015
Pages 291

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